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Unlock a database of 200+ tested conversion strategies that have generated $10M in revenue.

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Guaranteed more conversions or get a 100% lifetime refund.
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Terry Xu
Terry Xu

You can either spend 6 months learning human psychology and come up with your own experiments or borrow from the proven techniques that has meticulously curated today.

Darren Shaw
Darren Shaw

I purchased this and can tell you all that it's AWESOME. So many ideas. I mean, if you implement just ONE of these and it results in a single sign up to your application, Swipe has paid for itself. Get this, pick a few off the list, implement, and make more money.

Jim Raptis
Jim Raptis
Founder, MagicPattern

A great/helpful product. Congrats Gene! I was looking forward for these kind of actionable tips to boost my conversions for Thanks for the offer 👌

Software Engineer

I can already see strategies I could apply in my products in the free sample. I am excited to get access to the full list.

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Frustrated with low website and app conversions?

People come to your website, bounce around, and leave. They may even sign up for a trial but never pay. It's tiring.

As a SaaS founder or a startup, you work your butt off to build the best product possible. But all that goes to waste if nobody is signing up and paying.

I know this frustrating feeling well, and my clients experience it all the time. So much so, that they are okay paying a $3,000 audit fee to have it fixed.

They know a bump in conversions could mean a HUGE difference between getting by, and thriving.

After many audits, I noticed a pattern. Most websites with poor conversions share the same problem areas.

Luckily, you can fix them with a handful of tweaks.

So I decided to compile a database of tested conversion strategies. It saves you time and money and works for you on day one. Without the hefty fee.

Best of all, you can glance it over in 2 minutes and apply right away to see actual results.

I used these strategies on my own clients who saw $10 million in new revenue as a direct result.

I even gave some of it away via custom first impression videos on IndieHackers. People loved it and said things like this:

Woah, just watched this, amazing! That is seriously invaluable feedback.

I feel you’ve got a ton of expertise because you were highlighting things I definitely had not thought of. You’ve given me a ton of motivation to go back and rework my landing page.

Alex, Founder,

This is awesome ;)

You really hit a number of spots I’d have missed on my own. Truly invaluable. Will implement a number of recommendations.

Thank you Gene!

JJ Coleman
JJ Coleman

Gene, thank you very much for taking the time to make this review! For anyone else reading this comment, I highly recommend you get a review from Gene.

Alvaro S.

These recommendations come from the swipe file.  And, you get full access to every single thing I know, forever. Updates included.

I always run into websites making simple mistakes that if they fixed them, they’d see a lot more people buying. But, not everyone has a spare $3k.

So I packaged the best of what I know, things that you can fix right away, into an affordable asset accessible to all. You'll have full access to an Airtable full of explanations, visual examples, and tags. Sort by difficulty or page type for quick reference.

It's always updated so you get new strategies for free as I add them.

I guarantee you will see more sign ups, more premium upgrades and more revenue or your money back anytime. Yep, 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.


Portrait of Gene
Gene Maryushenko
Growth Designer, UX/UI Designer & Consultant

Lifetime Access - $57

Boost my conversions & revenue
Guaranteed more conversions or get a 100% lifetime refund.

The single most powerful resource at your fingertips

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Strategies for home pages, landing pages, onboarding, apps, emails, ads and copywriting.

  • Tune up your entire website & app
  • Save $2,813 by not having to get an audit
  • Detailed explanations and visual examples
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Quick sort by estimated effort or anticipated impact.

  • Fix issues you didn't even know existed
  • You decide where to start - least effort or most impact.
  • The most comprehensive resource online
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Swipe has been super useful for us. There's a ton of actionable ideas in here that are super effective! Highly recommend!

Matthew Johnson, Cofounder, Taskable

A resource for every step of your startup's journey - from the initial founding to the exit.

  • The best foundation for founders just getting started
  • A secret weapon for startup teams of 2-20 people
  • Guaranteed more revenue or your money back

Lifetime Access - $237

$57 one time.

Boost my conversions & revenue
Guaranteed more conversions or get a 100% lifetime refund.

Six reasons to get Swipe right now

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Instant access to 190+ effective strategies and guidelines

You could spend weeks or months reading random long-form posts online for one insight, or you could access 180+ in seconds. Time is money.

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Made specifically for SaaS companies

You won't see any ecommerce strategies here. Every item is hand-picked and meant to be applied to a SaaS startup.

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More conversions, customers and revenue

I've never come across a single business that did everything perfectly. This is why I'm confident there's something here for you. If not, get a full refund.

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Free updates on all new added strategies

Stay updated with new strategies as I discover them and add to the asset. Yours free, forever.

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Rooted in human psychology, your prospects are helpless

The bulk of the strategies are based on psychological principles that we humans have evolved to rely on. This means they are very effective.

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100% Money-back lifetime guarantee

Not happy for any reason? Just let me know and I'll refund your purchase in full, any time.

"There are 200+ strategies in Swipe. They are not just ideas, but doable solutions with very detailed instructions. For developers like me, building a product is easy, but growth is hard. With the help from Swipe, I am no longer struggling thinking about how to grow my products. Thanks Gene!"

Damon Chen
Damon Chen

Own it forever, no recurring fees. Free lifetime updates. Oh, and no $3,000 audit fees!

Bogdan Ionita
Product Manager

That's a good idea for my growth team!

Juan Carlos Olamendy
Entrepreneur. Cloud Engineer.

Just purchased, looking forward to applying each thought in my products. Thanks.

MJ Suppe

Just purchased - this is a no brainer purchase for SaaS people. The time savings alone for such a condensed list of growth and conversion strategies is worth multiples more than the asking price.

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Swipe SaaS File

Everything you need to increase your conversions, signups and revenue.

  • 200+ strategies and growing!
  • Lifetime updates
  • Filtered by difficulty and page type
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 🎁🎉 Bonus Growth Swipe (work in progress $187 value)
Was $237
Now $57 one time
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Swipe Database + 80 on-demand first impression videos (learn from others).

  • 200+ strategies and growing!
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  • Filtered by difficulty and page type
  • 100% money back guarantee
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Custom Teardown Video + Swipe SaaS Bundle

Get a custom teardown of your website to see what’s missing + access to Swipe.

  • 200+ strategies and growing!
  • Lifetime updates
  • Filtered by difficulty and page type
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 🎁🎉 Bonus Growth Swipe (work in progress $187 value)
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Do you offer any student discounts?

Yes! As long as you have a valid student ID, use the chat feature or reach out to Gene @cogentgene on Twitter about a discount. Veterans also qualify for discounts!

Which formats does the file come in?

The file is accessible through an Airtable (basically an online spreadsheet). You are welcome to then save it as a PDF if you like.

We are an enterprise company, will the Swipe files help us?

Not likely. Swipe is intended for non-enterprise companies. There are some items that may apply, but the bulk of the content is not intended for enterprise businesses.

I sell info products. Will Swipe help me?

To an extent, yes. There are items in Swipe that will help info product sellers. This entire website is based on items in the Swipe SaaS file.

What if I don't see anything that applies to me? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. The refund is valid 100% lifetime. That said, having looked at probably close to a thousand businesses, I have not seen a single company that could not use something from the Swipe files.

Can I share the files with others?

No. One purchase is for a single license. You are welcome to share it internally within your company, but not with friends who run other businesses.

Do you have an affiliate program?

I am open to affiliate partnerships, but mostly with people who run larger communities or mailing lists (at least 2,000 highly engaged members).

Are you available for hire?

It depends on what you'd like me to do and who you are. I am very selective about who I work with. Please inquire directly via email or Twitter (@cogentgene).

I have other questions

Please email me or DM me on Twitter @cogentgene. Thank you!