About You

What do I say to you? What should I tell you about?

About pages... who reads them anyway?

What would you have me tell you, and why should you care?

Do I tell you about my education and experience?


Should I talk about how many years I've been at this?


Or should I mention my failed startup after I blew through my savings like an idiot with nothing to show for it?

Would you care? Probably not.

Maybe I should share my personal journey? How I lived as a poor kid in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the land of the free on precisely July 4th? Wouldn't that make for a fun story?


Perhaps I could talk about destiny and fate and tell you the story of how Myspace brought me and my future wife together so that I could ditch the continent I called home? How I left everything behind to start a new life and to start a family abroad? The classic expat story?

Surely you'll care?


Oh, maybe I'll talk about the importance of About pages? The very thing you are reading? Perhaps it's a strategy in the swipe file?

What in the world is a Swipe File? Who knows?

No one knows.

Perhaps I'll try to convince you to buy this product and tell you about all the ways it'll make your problems go away?


I know...

I know what I'll tell you. And you already know.

You KNOW, that YOU and you alone are responsible for the outcome of your life.

You alone hold the keys to whatever future you have imagined for yourself. I can't give you that future.

I can give you a few tools, but I can't make you use them.

In fact, most people hate tools. They don't even bother picking them up.

So they never build the life they desire.

The tools are all around them. All they have to do is pick them up and use them.

Yet, they don't.

The question is then... are YOU one of those people?

Do you claim responsibility for your own actions or inactions?

Do you wake up tired and drag yourself through your day, or do you grab those resources all around you and make the most of them?

I can't answer that.

What I can say with certainty, is that most people would rather take the easy path. The one where they think everything will just magically get better, later. There's a pill for everything. If only they wait long enough, and ask the right person, they'll get the right pill.

I offer no such pills. I offer tools.

You take them, and use them, or you don't. It's up to you.

Perhaps at last, I will say this...

This page is not about me. It's about you.

It's about what you decide for yourself and where you decide to take your life.

So tell me...

What will you do?