Get strategies that SaaS companies have used to 5x their conversion rates.

Total value if you had a professional audit: $3,200.
891 customers. Own it forever. Hobby ($67) Small companies ($197) Agencies ($397).

I purchased this and can tell you all that it's awesome! So many ideas. I mean, if you implement just ONE of these and it results in a single sign up to your application, Swipe has paid for itself. Get this, pick a few off the list, implement, and make more money.

Darren Shaw, Founder,

WOW, is amazing! I only read through the first 10 items and already have so many ideas to improve my landing page!

Tony Dinh, Founder of

I'm a customer and can vouch for the product. The tips inside are really good.

Welly Mulia, Founder of

Just purchased - this is a no brainer purchase for SaaS people. The time savings alone for such a condensed list of growth and conversion strategies is worth multiples more than the asking price.

M.J. Suppe, Founder of is hard to beat, if you're interested in improving your conversion rates!

James Futhey, Founder of

Swipe has been super useful for us. There's a ton of actionable ideas in here that are super effective! Highly recommend!

Mathew Johnson, Co-founder Taskable

You can either spend 6 months learning human psychology and come up with your own experiments or borrow from the proven techniques that has meticulously curated today.

Terry Xu, Founder,

There are 200+ strategies in Swipe. They are not just ideas, but doable solutions with very detailed instructions. For developers like me, building a product is easy, but growth is hard. With the help from Swipe, I am no longer struggling thinking about how to grow my products. Thanks Gene!

Damon Chan, Founder of

Why Swipe?

The database contains everything a busy SaaS founder wished they knew without having to spend years learning it.

I created this resource after auditing 60+ companies, working at several CRO agencies and designing countless landing pages and A/B tests. Of course, I also curated winning ideas with actual lifts in conversions from real life A/B tests.

It dawned on me that most of the strategies I was recommending could be implemented by anyone with access to the full detailed list.

So, I made the full detailed list.

I know founders are scrappy bunch, and I actually appreciate that. So, forget the $3,200 audits - enjoy all the benefits it for much less.

It saves me from spending countless hours looking at individual businesses and helps SaaS founders access an affordable resource to kickstart their conversions & sales. Win-win.

What’s inside?

Inside, you’ll find access to a sortable Airtable database. You can sort it by least effort, or most impact, or by the page type. I also include a PDF version in case you'd rather just look through it when you have time - on any device.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can email me or dm me on Twitter @cogentgene.

If you are not happy for any reason, let me know and I will instantly refund your purchase, no questions asked (or you can give me feedback - that always helps and is very appreciated!)