Swipe now supports Purchasing Power Parity and student discounts

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If you live in a country that has weaker purchasing power, you can now apply country-specific discounts to get Swipe at a discount!

I hope this makes Swipe more accessible to people who do not earn an income in dollars, pounds of euros.

I realize this opens the door for potential abuse, and will be monitoring closely for such instances. Hopefully one rotten apple does not spoil the entire bunch.

For the app, I used Parity Bar by Danny Postma.

Parity Bar automatically detects which country the user is from, and offers a discount. Yes, it can be gained by a VPN, but I am hoping people are honest enough not to abuse it. And if they do, I'll shut it down very quickly. Let it not be the case, please.

I've already had one person who needed a PPP discount and I happily gave it to them.

Student Discounts

If you are a student at a university or maybe even high school (heck, you could be a genius!), DM me on Twitter and I will get you a student discount (a very good one). If you are an instructor at a startup course, also DM me so I can give your class a bulk discount.