SaaS Blocks UI Kit Enables Founders, Designers & Developers To Create The Perfect SaaS Website.

SaaS Blocks - UI Kit for Startups - Create the perfect SaaS website. | Product Hunt

70+ Beautiful Blocks

Easily arrange blocks to create your own unique layout. No need to mess with spacing.

Fully Customizable

Personalize entire layouts with a few component changes like colors, gradients & fonts.

Professional Icon Set

Swap out icons with our pre-defined set, or create your own with Nucleo App

Not your generic UI kit

Made specifically for SaaS companies.

SaaS Blocks doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. The entire kit is made specifically for SaaS companies and consists of blocks that SaaS companies rely on to communicate their product's value and features. New blocks are added weekly!

Made in Figma

Combine blocks for awesome pages in seconds.

Details Matter

Grid-based, developer-friendly blocks to make your startup come to life.

Beautiful Gradients

Vibrant Colors

Organized Components

Beautiful Typography

Free Lifetime Updates

Made for SaaS Companies

Prefer light mode? I won't judge...

Let there be light!

Enjoy light and dark modes with pre-made color variations added often. Don't like the pre-selected colors? No problem! Change them globally to whatever you like!

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SaaS Blocks - UI Kit for Startups - Create the perfect SaaS website. | Product Hunt

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SaaS Blocks - UI Kit for Startups - Create the perfect SaaS website. | Product Hunt

Already trusted by 349 customers!

Starting at $67 for a Hobby license

  • 110+ drag and drop blocks
  • Figma File (small company & enterprise)
  • Tailwind Components (New!)
  • Easily re-arrange and plug and play blocks to create unique layouts in seconds.
  • Customizable global colors
  • New blocks added often!
  • Made specifically for SaaS companies
  • Free fonts (only the best!)
  • Support an indie designer (@cogentgene on Twitter)
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Trusted by 340 awesome customers!


Why pay what you want?

I like to give the benefit of the doubt to people and trust them to make the right, honest choice. Everyone has a different situation, some can afford more, some less. I may change this later so take advantage while you can!

What does the kit contain?

The kit contains a Figma file with pages for styles, components, blocks, and some pre-made layouts. Currently it's desktop only, but I am already working on mobile blocks and will have some ready in a few days.

Can I customize it?

Yes! The sky is the limit here. By tweaking core components such as colors, fonts, font sizes, gradients and button colors, you can create new, fresh layouts very quickly!

Will there be an HTML version?

Yes. The HTML version will utilize Tailwind and going forward will be a separate product. People who have already purchased SaaS Blocks during the promo period (you know if you did) will get access to the Tailwind version.

Does this include mobile and tablet blocks?

Not yet, but I am making them as we speak! I'll push an update to everyone who purchases (most likely as soon as a few days from today 6/2). You will get all of the mobile blocks for free as I create them and notify you of the file updates.

What if I need a custom block?

I'd be happy to make a custom block for anyone who pays $40+ for the kit. The only condition is that I can release this block to everyone (I got mouths to feed).

Can I use this for client work?

Absolutely! The only thing you are not allowed to do is to re-sell SaaS blocks as is, but otherwise you are welcome to use it for clients as a freelancer or agency. No additional licenses needed!